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Community of Craftsmen


Use standard tools and equipment to cut, rout, drill and laser etch ECOR. It doesn’t splinter or split, and it contains zero formaldehydes and other harmful chemicals so you don’t have to worry about inhaling any nasty stuff. It also loves to stick to things! Glues, paints, resins and more! Use ECOR friendly adhesives to bond ECOR to wood, fiber and plastic materials. Read about our of community craftsmen and their experience with ECOR!


Lichtzwaard is a small family company that offers a laser- cutting and -engraving service, using the best CO2 laser machine (Trotec Speedy 300) of its type. They produce a wide range of products and designs for a wide range of clients (architects, manufacturers, designs studios, government agencies and students). They also create exclusive wall decorations.

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TRIBOO calls itself a circular supply chain that upcycles waste into beautiful high-quality interior design concepts that match the brand identity of their customers. TRIBOO forbids her clients to throw their interior elements away. They take responsibility for the raw materials and always remain in ownership of the products so that they can guarantee circularity the future.

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